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27th & 28th July 2019
the Carnival of History

Join us for the incredible 'Carnival of History' in partnership with the Arts Council, to celebrate Leeds Castle’s 900th anniversary!

Travel through nine centuries of the Castle’s history across two days, culminating in spectacular carnival processions through the grounds. Witness large-scale carnival costumes, historic re-enactors, music, dancers amid a dazzling riot of colour and celebration.

This event is included with your admission ticket.


Timetable – Arena Events

11am - Crusaders Battle - Knights on horseback charge, bows are shot and swords clash. The Soldiers of the 4th Crusade take on their colourful Byzantine opponents. 

11am - Musicians busking and carnival performers roaming until procession gathers mid-afternoon.

12pm - Henry VIII inspects his Troops before departing for the Field of Cloth of Gold. His flamboyant landschneckt soldiers parade and display their weaponry as the gunners test their cannons!

1pm - A Tournament for Henry V - Knights in Armour compete for honour and glory as they fight with swords and axes in a competition - cheer on the Knight of your choice!

2pm - Civil War – Roundheads and Cavaliers meet in a skirmish in the 17th Century. The dashing mounted Cavaliers of doomed King Charles take on the might of General Fairfax's New Model Army.

3pm (Saturday) - Historical Parade with re-enactors, carnival performers, dancers, horses and musicians 

3pm (Sunday) – Grand Finale Procession with up to 1,000 community volunteers dressed in carnival splendour, re-enactors, performers, dancers, horses and musicians.



Explore 900 years of history at Leeds Castle, visit the links below to find out further information.

11/12th Century

13th Century

14th Century

15th Century

16th Century

17th Century

18th Century

19th Century

20th Century


Find out more about the professional artists and volunteers taking part in the Carnival of History.