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We will be undertaking solid tining on the greens followed by a top dressing from 17th September 2018.


Take part in one of Leeds Castle Golf Course's regular competitions in formats such as Stableford, Medal and Mystery.

Leeds Castle Golf Competition Entry Fee: £2.00

If you don't have a handicap then please speak to Steve Purves. Proper golf attire must be worn at all times. Leeds Castle reserves the right to refuse entry onto the golf course. 

Latest Competition Results

14th September 2018
1st - Nathan Marsh (20 points)
2nd - Tom Shannon (17 points)*
3rd - Helen Crocker (17 points)*
4th - Rod Warboys (17 points)*
*Positions determined via card count-back
7th September 2018

Odd One Out
=1st - Helen Crocker (14 points)
=1st - Rod Warboys (14 points)
=3rd - Alan Church (11 points)
=3rd - Kevin Ottenwill (11 points)
28th August 2018

1st - Jonathon Earnshaw (26 points)
2nd - John Clarkson (21 points)
3rd - Bob Day (20 points)
17th August 2018

Mystery 6
1st - Tony DeBoos (14 points)
2nd - Roy Nutley (11 points)
=3rd - Ken Southon (9 points)
=3rd - Mark DeBoos (9 points)
3rd August 2018

1st - Mark Blundell (20 points)
2nd - Nathan Marsh (19 points)
3rd - Paul Vidler (18 points)
27th July 2018

1st - Tom Shannon (28) 33 net
2nd - Mark Panton (7) 36 net
3rd - John Totman (28) 37 net

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