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11th & 12th May 2019

Please note there is limited availability at the event. Apply early to avoid disappointed.

Exhibiting a Vehicle

Exhibiting a vehicle at Motors by the Moat costs £10 per car per day and includes entry for up to four guests to the event, Castle and grounds. You can chose to attend on either or both days of the event.
You may exhibit as an individual entry or as part of a car club. Individual vehicles will be sited based on the make, model, age or type of vehicle. Car clubs will be allocated a space large enough for the number of cars they are bringing.
If you wish to exhibit a vehicle at the event please ensure you have read the below information and the terms and conditions before submitting an online application.
Please note, submitting an application does not guarantee attendance at the event.


The cost to exhibit at Motors by the Moat is £10 per vehicle per day. You may exhibit for either or both days of the event. Payment will be taken online.
If we are at full capacity then applications will be added to a waiting list and payment will be taken at a later date if successful. If your vehicle is deemed to be unsuitable for the event we will refund your fee, please see terms and conditions for more information.

Arrival/Departure Times

All vehicles are asked to arrive via the Leeds Castle Main Entrance between 7am and 9am each morning to be sure all vehicles are in position before we open to the public at 9.30am. Departure is strictly not before 4.30pm.

Criteria for Exhibit:

In order to exhibit at the event we ask for all individual entries to fall into one of the below categories. Car club bookings can be made if your member’s vehicles fit into the below categories, or if you display an age range of a particular make, model or vehicle type.
Vintage Classic Unusual/Alternative Supercar American Modified/Hot Rod Kit Cars Car owners who have exhibited at previous events are not guaranteed acceptance. Please note, we may reject your application even if you fit within the criteria above due to limited availability and to ensure a mix vehicles at the event.

Information for Individual Applications

Payment of £10 per vehicle per day is required upon application. Once an application has been received by the Events Department, please allow up to 14 working days for notification whether your application has been successful or unsuccessful. This will be in the form of an email.
Submitting an application and payment does not guarantee acceptance at the event. If we deem your vehicle to be unsuitable for the event, we will refund your exhibitor fee.
Please note, if you are exhibiting more than one car, or attending with friends your vehicles may be sited in different zones depending on the age, make or type of car.

Information for Car Club Applications

Car club exhibits must apply via the online application form.
To reserve spaces:
A car club representative can apply to reserve a number of spaces before having confirmed attendance numbers from members. Please use the online application form to apply on behalf of your club. Please give as much information as possible at this stage about the makes, models, ages of cars that your members will be displaying. Along with your desired / expected numbers.
If accepted we will reserve you a number of spaces for your members to fill. Final details of vehicles attending and payment must be received by 23rd April 2019.
Once accepted, club members can use the online application form to book and pay for their vehicle. Please ensure they clearly state they are part of your particular club. Alternatively the club representative can send a list of all car details to the Leeds Castle Events Team and will be invoiced for the total due.

Exhibitor/Vehicle Information

Saturday 11th May

Sunday 12th May

Exhibitor Details
(Please complete the applicable sections)

Vehicle Details
(Car clubs please give as much detail as possible at this stage)

Vehicle Parades

The parade will involve driving along the main drive during the event, set to commentary from our commentator. Parades are typically 15 mins long and feature 20 vehicles of a particular era or type of car.

If you would like to take part in a vehicle parade over the weekend please tick here

Please note that opting in via this form does not guarantee that you will be part of a parade. If selected, we will contact you nearer the event date to confirm details.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting an application form you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions. If applying on behalf of a car club you are agreeing as a representative for your members. Please ensure all your members have read the below terms and conditions:

Application process

Car owners wishing to bring a vehicle to Motors by the Moat at Leeds Castle must submit an online application form. Once submitted, please allow up to 14 working days for email notification on whether your application has been successful or not.

1.1.Individual Car Owner Bookings

Payment of £10 per vehicle, per day is required upon application. Applications not supported by payment will not be considered.

1.2.Car Club Bookings

Members applying themselves must state the name of the car club they wish to exhibit with in order to be located with that car club.

Club representatives applying to reserve a number of vehicle spaces will be notified via email whether their requested number of spaces have been allocated or not.

Submitting an application and making payment does not guarantee acceptance at the event. Car owners who have exhibited at previous events are not guaranteed acceptance.

Criteria for Exhibiting

In order to apply to exhibit at the event, vehicles must fit within one or more of the below categories:



Unusual / Alternative



Modified / Hot Rod

Kit Cars

Range of a particular make, model or type of vehicle (Car Clubs Only)

Vehicles will be accepted to exhibit at the discretion of the Leeds Castle Events Team.

Unsuccessful applications

Should you be unsuccessful in your application to exhibit we will notify you by email within 14 working days of receiving your application and refund the exhibitor fee.

Due to limited space at the event and to ensure a mix of makes, models and types of vehicle at the event we cannot accept every application.

Reserving a Car Club stand

The number of vehicles a car club can bring to exhibit must be pre agreed with and is at the discretion of the Leeds Castle Events Team. Members’ vehicle details must be sent to and approved by the Leeds Castle Events Team, final details and payment must be paid by 23rd April 2019. Leeds Castle retain the right to refuse entry to a vehicle within a car club if deemed unsuitable.

Payment Terms

Individual car exhibits must pay on application.

Car clubs reserving an exhibit space, will be invoiced once accepted by the Leeds Castle Events Team. All payment must be made prior to the event.

No entry will be given to any unpaid bookings on the day.

Cancellations / Refund

We are unable to refund any vehicle cancellations.

Should the event be cancelled or interrupted due to circumstances beyond the organiser’s control, Leeds Castle will not be held liable to refund any monies paid.

  1. No dogs are allowed onsite.
  2. Gazebos are not permitted.
  3. All vehicles on site are at their owners own risk. Leeds Castle will be not be held responsible for damage to vehicles or property, loss or theft.
  4. All exhibitors must comply with on-site signage and instructions from event staff at all times.
  5. Exhibitors are not permitted to distribute printed promotional materials of any nature within the grounds of Leeds Castle including visitor car parks.
  6. No support vehicles will be allowed on the event site. These must park in the main visitor car park.
  7. Exhibitors may bring in a maximum of 4 guests per car as part of their exhibitor fee. All guests must arrive on site in the exhibiting car between the hours of 7am and 9am. No entry will be granted to guests past 9am.
  8. All vehicles must be pre-booked, and only those with confirmation and a zone pass will be allowed access on the day.
  9. No articles are to be offered for sale in any exhibit unless pre-arranged.
  10. All vehicles on display must have a minimum of third party insurance cover. All drivers must hold a current driving license of the appropriate class.
  11. Leeds castle retain the right to remove anyone from the site who is considered to have breached these terms and conditions.
  12. All vehicles must arrive on site between the hours of 7am and 9am, late arrivals will not gain entry to the event.
  13. Vehicle movement on the event site is strictly forbidden between 9.30am and 4.30pm. No cars may leave site until authorised to do so by the Leeds Castle events team. Any unauthorised vehicle movement will result in a ban for the individual/club at future events.
  14. Your exhibit location will be allocated in advance and cannot be changed on the day. Exhibitors must keep to the boundaries allocated for the car/club.