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A series of short podcasts about the history of Leeds Castle, presented by Robert Bathurst

    In its 900-year history, Leeds Castle hasn’t always been the peaceful haven it is today. The Castle has seen more than its fair share of sieges, beheadings and intrigues, and hosted many a royal banquet and riotous party. In celebration of its 900th anniversary, Robert Bathurst (history enthusiast and star of Cold Feet & Downton Abbey), takes you through highlights from the Castle's fascinating history. Each episode, lasting between 15 and 20 minutes, focuses on particular events or periods at Leeds Castle when it found itself at the epicentre of significant political and cultural developments.

    Historical Experts: 

    Annie Kemkaran-Smith, Curator at Leeds Castle
    Jeremy Ashby, Head Curator at English Heritage
    Sarah Cockerill, Historian and High Court Judge 
    Simon Thurley, Historian
    Adrian Tinniswood, Historian 


    Mike Evans 

    Composer of ‘A Tribute to Leeds Castle’:

    Tom Hodge

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History Highlights